Alabama Economy Reliant on Agriculture and Forestry

Alabama agriculture and forestry lead Alabama's economy
Alabama agriculture and forestry lead Alabama's economy

Agriculture and forestry in Alabama are vital pieces of the state’s overall production, accounting for a large portion of jobs and economic input. This is according to recent survey results (PDF) from the Agribusiness Council, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, and other organizations.

The study shows agriculture and forestry in the Alabama economy account for $70.4 billion annually, as well as 22 percent of the state’s workforce. Forest product manufacturing is responsible for $20 billion of the overall $70.4 billion, with agricultural inputs and services accounting for nearly $6 billion. Agriculture, forestry, and related industries in Alabama make up the second largest number of jobs in the state.

Dr. Gary Lemme, director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, explains the benefits of these results outside of painting a detailed picture of forestry and agriculture’s impact on the state of Alabama: “We produce and process a wide diversity of products that not only are consumed here in Alabama but are exported to every corner of the world. The main goal of the study is to demonstrate the enormous and often understated presence of this sector, its enduring influence and, most important of all, its immense potential to all Alabamians and public policy officials.”

These survey results illustrate the importance of both the agriculture and forestry industries in Alabama. These two sectors drive $70.4 billion annually, and will likely remain a vital aspect of the Alabama economy.

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