Battery-powered sensor detects CO2 levels

A CO2 sensor designed for agricultural engineers.
A CO2 sensor designed for agricultural engineers.
A web company has unveiled a new type of high-tech agricultural equipment for scientists, environmental and agricultural engineers who need to measure indoor and outdoor changes in carbon dioxide levels, the K-33 CO2 sensor.

The K-33, released by, is a low-power sensor that measures carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity. Up to 5,400 data points can be stored in on-board memory and downloaded later for analysis.

With its unique sleep mode enabled, the sensor can be powered by four AA batteries and can remotely record atmospheric conditions for weeks or months at a time, the company said.

"These sensors open up whole new possibilities for research and new product development," said Ray Hicks, president of "Dozens of companies and universities have told us about projects they are working on, from crop studies to carbon sequestration where these new sensors will be invaluable."

For rapid application prototyping or scientific experiments, an inexpensive open source software development kit allows the user to both read the sensor data log as well as program dozens of parameters for custom applications.