Be safe when using your lawn mower

Never drink alcohol while using your lawn mower.
Never drink alcohol while using your lawn mower.
There are plenty of ways to get injured when using heavy equipment. Without the proper safety precautions or use of safety gear such as goggles and gloves, an accident can make even a lawn mower a dangerous tool.

Despite their commonplace use by millions of commercial landscapers and homeowners, lawn mowers and lawn tractors cause tens of thousands of injuries each year, according to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports, a nonprofit group that tests products from light bulbs to automobiles, said on its website that blade-tip speed on a lawn mower can exceed 200 mph.

Safety features on modern lawn mowers prevent people from contacting the blade. Consumers should never disable or override these safety features.

Protecting the eyes with goggles or glasses is wise while mowing - Consumer Reports said it intentionally mowed over several golf balls and measured how sharp pieces flew more than 100 feet away.

Consumer Reports said a survey shows 12 percent of people drink beer while cutting the grass, which increases the risk of an accident or injury.