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Businesses that have used tractors on lawns seeing effect of heat

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The summer sun and heat may have cost businesses that employ used tractors.
The summer sun and heat may have cost businesses that employ used tractors.

Companies that have used tractors and other implements to help consumers get better lawns are being affected by warm temperatures that have appeared in parts of the country.

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the East Coast has seen hot temperatures that have led to grass dying and lawn care businesses facing hardship. The paper noted that both these professionals and homeowners may have to wait for cooler temperatures before they can rehabilitate their turf.

"We've had to lay off people because the dryness affected us so much," Tim McCarey, who runs a lawn care business in New York, told the Journal.

Even lawn watering may be curtailed in some areas, as municipalities have enacted restrictions on the practice in a conservation effort. For example, Concord, Massachusetts, alerted residence that it is trying to preserve its supply.

Still, consumers may be able to fight the heat and help their lawn, provided they aren't subject to these restrictions. Experts have noted that watering early in the morning is a more effective strategy, as it allows the soil to absorb moisture before the sun can evaporate it.

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