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Consistency important when taking out used tractor

Friday, August 27, 2010

Doing things with consistency is important when caring for grass.
Doing things with consistency is important when caring for grass.

Much like the sports teams that play on them, having consistency when taking care of an athletic field is an important element of success.

And that lesson can translate over to the regular folks who have used tractors to take care of lawns for years. A recent piece from Georgia's Gainesville Times featured advice from area experts who make it their business to take care of stadiums in the northeastern part of the state.

One of those is David Presnell, who is a technician who helps oversee landscaping and turf for Gainesville. He, like others interviewed by the paper, stressed consistency.

"Stay on a solid horticulture program with insecticides, weed control, good horticultural practices, fertilization and mowing schedule," Presnell said.

Other lawn care experts have noted that the type of grass that makes up a homeowner's lawn should play a part in deciding on a care regimen.

Meanwhile, used tractors shouldn't shear off more than a third of a lawns height in any one mowing session. Blades should also be sharp so as to prevent ripping grass out of the ground.

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