Construction, manufacturing lose jobs in December

Construction jobs continue to decline.
Construction jobs continue to decline.
Those who use construction equipment as a part of their employment saw their sector lose jobs in December, while the whole of the economy's jobless rate remained steady.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that construction employment fell by 53,000 during the month, a decline that stretched across the industry. Since the recession began in December of 2007, construction employment has declined 1.6 million jobs.

Manufacturing employment also saw a decline, dropping 27,000 for the month. However, the bureau noted that the average monthly declines seen during the latter half of 2009 were lower than those seen during the first part of the year. For the first six months, average monthly declines were at 171,000, while months in the second half saw 41,000.

Since the recession began, the economy has lost 2.1 million manufacturing jobs, 1.6 million of which were in the production of durable goods.

Though these areas of industry declined, the overall economy's jobless rate remained level during December. The unemployment rate remained at 10 percent, while the country lost 85,000 jobs during the month.

Along with construction and manufacturing, a recent report from Creighton University shows that job growth in rural areas of the country remains below a growth-neutral level as incomes associated with agriculture continue to decline.