Consumer interest growing in eco-friendly tractors and mowers

Eco-friendly lawn care is in, as is saving fuel.
Eco-friendly lawn care is in, as is saving fuel.
The greening trend in industry certainly includes the agriculture equipment and commercial and residential lawn mower industry. More Americans are downsizing their cars and their lawn tractors and lawn mowers to reduce fuel use.

Combine environmentalism with an ongoing recession and more consumers are looking to not just save the Earth, but to keep the change in their pockets.

Now that grass-cutting season is setting in, equipment dealers around the country are watching these consumer trends to help consumers find the right lawn mowers and tractors for their needs and preferences.

Being eco-friendly is only a positive if you have the right piece of equipment for your property, says one dealer in Virginia. If a small push mower or electric mower won't do the job for your property, some multi-purpose models are available that can be used in all seasons for pushing snow or pulling up stumps.

And to save on fuel and repair costs, dealers remind consumers to have lawn tractors and lawn mowers tuned up on a regular basis as a way to be eco-conscious and economical.