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Corn growers support enrollment in ACRE program

Friday, March 20, 2009

The corn growers association is helping sign up farmers for the ACRE program.
The corn growers association is helping sign up farmers for the ACRE program.

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) said it is pleased by the efforts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote its Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program through a dedicated website, calling it "a significant step" to assist farmers.

The USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA) has posted information on its website, including an ACRE background information packet and preliminary estimates of state crop revenue guarantees for the 2009 crop year.

"This is a very positive step by FSA to inform growers on ACRE’s possibilities with the agency’s website," NCGA's Mike Geske said. "The site is a great source of data for growers who will be deciding if the ACRE program can be beneficial to their operation."

The deadline for signing up for direct and counter-cyclical program payments and the ACRE program is June 1.

NCGA said it encourages growers to begin organizing their production and crop insurance records in order to enroll in the program. The group offers on its own website access to ACRE calculators and related information at the NCGA ACRE resource center.

County FSA offices are expected to receive more detailed guidance on enrolling producers in the ACRE program later this spring.

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