Deere releases 5105ML Tractor for orchards

The 5105ML is ideal for orchards.
The 5105ML is ideal for orchards.
John Deere has introduced the 5105ML Tractor for producers that grow nuts and fruit in orchards, compatible with a John Deere 553 or 563 Loader.

The tractor's low profile lets customers operate under tree limbs and in between tree rows. It has plenty of hitch-lift capacity and at 7,700 pounds the 5105ML has additional weight that provides added stability to pull large implements.

Owen Frederic, John Deere product marketing manager. Said the 5105ML is powered by a John Deere PowerTech four-cylinder diesel engine that produces up to 105 engine horsepower (90 PTO hp).

Customers can choose from two transmission options for the 5105ML to tailor it to best fit their operation.

"The power and weight combination of this tractor helps customers be more productive in a wide variety of applications and conditions," Frederic said. "These are simple and reliable tractors that are built with a minimal amount of electronics so they're easy to operate and maintain."

The 5105ML is available in a two-wheel-drive, or four-wheel-drive configuration and comes equipped with adjustable full-coverage rear fenders, a differential lock and fuel-saving economy PTO.