Despite foreclosures, Florida landscaping company has used lawn mowers to continue to care for properties

A Florida landscaper is caring for the lawns of foreclosed homes for $10.
A Florida landscaper is caring for the lawns of foreclosed homes for $10.
People who have lost their homes to foreclosure probably haven't used lawn mowers on their properties, since they mostly likely aren't there to do so.

However, that doesn't mean that lawns aren't being taken care of by a few landscaping professionals, regardless whether homes have occupants or not. A recent story from Florida's St. Petersburg Times featured Ray Rose and his franchise U.S. Lawns, which has continued to take care of grass and other lawn features in Tampa.

For only $10, Rose's crews continue to cut grass and trim bushes, a service that the paper says acts a loss leader that keeps him in good standing with the community management company that oversees the Heather Lakes subdivision, which is located in the Brandon area of Tampa.

Furthermore, the actions of Rose help maintain a workforce at a time when jobs may be hard to find.

"We are taking the long view," Rose told the paper. "None of the plans we have implemented are rocket science or tree hugging."

Foreclosed homes may not be the only properties that are having a hard time when it comes to lawn care. Many military families may find it difficult to keep up with taking care of their grass and shrubs while a loved one is service the country. However the Greencare for Troops program has worked to help these families through the service of volunteers across the country.