Family of Minnesota loggers have used John Deere equipment

John Deere provides equipment for forestry and construction work.
John Deere provides equipment for forestry and construction work.
The Johnsons of Goodhue County, Minnesota, have been forestry workers for three generations, reported The Cannon Falls Beacon. The eldest member of this logging clan is Conrad Johnson, who began working in 1953 at a nearby logging outfit.

After some injuries suffered while cutting down trees, he took out a loan from a John Deere dealer and bought a backhoe, in order to be able to do other work. According to the news source, he was soon back felling trees and continued till he bought the business he worked at from the owner some 30 years later.

In 1995, Johnson founded the Minnesota Logger Education Program, which promotes sustainable and safe forestry practices, stated the media outlet. The organization also keeps loggers informed on Minnesota legislation in their industry.

Now, Johnson's son Dan and grandson Seth carry on the tradition by working in the family business. Though Johnson is retired, he still enjoys chopping trees and getting out in wooded areas.

John Deere is a leading supplier of agricultural as well as forestry equipment, with products like skidders, feller bunchers and harvesters.