Farm equipment stolen in California county

John Deere farm equipment has been stolen in California.
John Deere farm equipment has been stolen in California.
Authorities in California are seeking information regarding a number of thefts, some of which involved farm equipment.

According to the California's Porterville Record, the Tulare Sheriff's Department's Agricultural Crimes Unit is looking into the thefts. For two of the incidents, John Deere farm equipment was taken.

In one theft, a 1995 John Deere 6500L used tractor was taken in Delano, California. The department noted that the piece of farm equipment is unique because its roll bar was changed in order to make it easier to navigate it through fruit groves. Furthermore, the tractor had a single-axle duster attached to it, which is yellow.

Other thefts in the area have also involved farm equipment, including a John Deere Model 6300. Work vehicles and tools have also been stolen, the paper noted.

"The sheriff’s office is reminding people to be mindful of where they park their tractors and where they store the keys to their tractors," The Porterville Record's report stated.

The National Equipment Register notes there are a number of ways people can keep their farm equipment safe. Equipment owners may consider removing batteries from machinery if it isn't going to be used for a while. If their equipment is stolen, people should make sure to contact authorities as soon as possible.