Farmer's funeral procession led by agricultural equipment

Farm equipment led a funeral procession for a New York farmer.
Farm equipment led a funeral procession for a New York farmer.
Agricultural equipment played a prominent role in the funeral procession of a New York farmer.

According to New York's WKTV television station, friends of 103-year-old Harold Covey guided the procession past his family farm by using five tractors. The station noted Covey lived most of his life in Poland, New York.

Jack Murray, Covey's nephew, noted that his uncle was always willing to use the newest farm equipment, even if he expressed some doubt at the beginning. Murray also said that Covey was a good neighbor who was always willing to help people around him. Murray also remembered his uncle for his sense of humor.

"I used to say the people in the '30s they grew up and developed a character," Murray told the television station. "Well, he was a character, you know, he always found something funny in everything."

Though farm equipment led Covey's final journey, tractor processions aren't always associated with what could be defined as sad experiences. For example, tractor parades are a popular feature during harvest festivals across the country. Many festivals will feature antique farm equipment shows, where spectators can get a taste for how things were in the past.