Food outbreaks bring attention to farm sanitation

Poultry farms are using eloctrolyzed water to sanitize chickens.
Poultry farms are using eloctrolyzed water to sanitize chickens.
The prominence in the media of stories about outbreaks of salmonella and the swine flu, although not directly connected to farms and agriculture producers, has brought increased attention to sanitation.

Many companies offer a variety of types of agricultural equipment and sanitation technologies that can lead to more sanitary products from farm to grocery store.

EAU Technologies announced this week that it signed a commercial agreement with Fieldale Farms, one of the nation's largest independent poultry producers, for use of its electrolyzed water technology, branded empowered water.

The company's clean-in-place (CIP) system provides stabilized, non-toxic electrolyzed water solutions that are proven to be effective cleaning treatments, killing pathogens including salmonella, e. coli and campylobacter without compromising the quality of the food products, EAU said.

Fieldale Farms is using the technology at its Murrayville, Georgia facility to clean and disinfect poultry as it makes its way through the primary portion of the processing system.

Electrolyzed water is created by combining salt and water with an electrical charge. The process separates the positive and negative ions of the water, creating two forms of water, one acidic and one alkaline, which are used to kill bacteria, the company said.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19144608-ADNFCR