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Gardeners focusing on eco-friendly lawns

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There are environmentally friendly tactics people can use with their lawns.
There are environmentally friendly tactics people can use with their lawns.

Those who have used lawn mowers to care for their grass may actually consider cutting back on how often they mow this year.

A recent story in the Boston Globe noted that some people who maintain lawns and gardens are looking for more eco-friendly ways to do so. One way property owners can do so is by reducing the amount of watering they do during the summer.

Grasses' natural tendency is to go dormant in the summer, the paper said, and collect water during the spring and fall months.

Frank Koll is with Greenscapes Lawn & Garden Services, which is based in Arlington, Massachusetts. He told the paper that lawn owners can also be more energy efficient by planting grasses that are more tolerant to drought conditions.

These grasses, such as those provided by companies like Ecoblend, Pennignton and Pearl's Premium, are designed to be kept at four inches or higher, Koll said.

"Sometimes you only need to mow once or twice a season," Koll said.

When consumers do decide to mow their lawns, making sure their tractors are up to snuff may also be a way to improve energy efficiency. Having clean filters and sharp blades could reduce the amount of gas consumers use while cutting the grass.

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