Georgia Dome will get grass for soccer matches

AC Milan are set to play in the Georgia Dome on natural grass.
AC Milan are set to play in the Georgia Dome on natural grass.
For the first time in the 17-year history of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, the athletic field will feature natural turf grass instead of the usual artificial surface.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Precision Turf of Lilburn, Georgia will cover the artificial carpet in the dome with turf grass for two upcoming soccer matches between Mexico and Venezuela and AC Milan and Club America.

Precision Turf will spend three days to complete the project, putting down 4-by-8-foot grass sections over a thick layer of plastic and two layers of plywood to protect the underlying carpet.

Dome spokeswoman Ashley Boatman told the Atlanta newspaper that the Dome has had a dirt surface laid down before, for monster truck rallies and Supercross - but never natural turf grass.

Many outdoor athletic fields in professional sports stadiums still maintain a natural surface, despite the additional effort required to maintain it.

Perhaps the most famous grass of all is in Boston's Fenway Park, where groundskeepers routinely use special lawn mowers with rollers to lay the grass into patterns - such as the double socks of the baseball team's logo.