Homeowners plan to spend more time on their lawns: survey

Americans say they want to spend more time working on their lawns.
Americans say they want to spend more time working on their lawns.
A survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center has found that nearly half of all adults say they plan to spend more time in their yards and gardens this year.

Consumer Reports' lawn poll is part of a special section on lawn-care advice, yard makeovers, lawn equipment ratings and lawn mower and tractor maintenance in the May issue of the magazine, the organization said.

Other results from the poll showed that more than one-third of adults (35 percent) plan to put more of an effort into their outdoor space this year compared to last year.

Of those, 59 percent say they want to spruce up the lawn for entertaining guests while 33 percent say they want their yard to look better than their neighbor's yard.

"We found that homeowners should be prepared to dedicate an average of 6.5 hours per week working outdoors during growing season," said Peter Sawchuk, project leader at Consumer Reports. "Knowing the best tips and purchasing the right gear and products is half the battle - putting the effort in will ensure the best lawn on the block."

Not everyone wants to do all that work themselves, it turns out. Over one-third (36 percent) plan to use a professional lawn care service this year.