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Illinois television station reports people turning to their own used tractors for lawn care

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some consumers are taking care of their own lawns, rather than hiring a service.
Some consumers are taking care of their own lawns, rather than hiring a service.

More consumers have used tractors in an effort to reduce their costs in the face of a difficult economy.

According to Rockford, Illinois, television station WIFR, local hardware stores are seeing more consumers decide to tackle home projects themselves, rather than hire a professional.

"We noticed in the spring people that were having a lawn service do their lawn care, are now taking it upon themselves," John Zanocco, co-owner of a hardware store, told the television station.

When employing a used tractor to take care of a lawn, experts recommend consumers make sure they care for their machines to get the most out of them. At the start of the mowing season, owners should get blades sharpened while also changing the equipment's oil and filters.

A used tractor's deck height should be set by having the machine on a level surface. Experts recommend not cutting of more than one-third of their lawn's height at a time. Slicing off any more could hurt grasses.

The end of the mowing season also brings with it used tractor care concerns. Any grass accumulated on the machine should be washed off, as it can lead to oxidation.

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