John Deere answers call to utilize hybrid vehicles

New hybrid John Deere equipment cuts down fuel costs
New hybrid John Deere equipment cuts down fuel costs
This summer ahead promises ideal warm weather and sunshine after a long and dreary winter. However, the season also brings notoriously higher gas prices. This may leave some consumers worried about their planned road trips or morning commutes. One answer to these financial woes may be utilizing hybrid vehicles.

The Associated Press reports that the federal government has endorsed these mediums as a means to preserve energy and savings on fuel costs. Many companies have made commitments to start using hybrid vehicles in their fleets and production. These steps could decrease the nation's dependency on foreign fuel.

John Deere plans to offer hybrid vehicles, according to Farmers Guardian. Some models have been introduced through the company's construction division, including two wheel loaders with engines that burn far less fuel then previously produced equipment. The larger 944K E-Drive boasts two electric generators to counteract the use of fuel, and the smaller 644K E-Drive has one electric motor.

Preparations for these vehicles to be released in 2013 have begun. The news source states John Deere also could release hybrid farming equipment in the near future.