John Deere expanding farm equipment manufacturing in Russia

John Deere is expanding its presence in Russia.
John Deere is expanding its presence in Russia.
Timed to coincide with President Obama's trip to Russia and a summit of Russian and U.S. business leaders in Moscow, Deere & Company announced today that it will expand operations in the country to manufacture farm equipment and other machinery for the Russian market.

Samuel R. Allen, president and chief operating officer of Deere & Company, said John Deere's 130-year presence in Russia underscores the company's commitment to the sizeable Russian market.

"Ultimately, with the support of the government of the Russian Federation, Deere could envision a series of significant investments over the next five to seven years in expanded capacity for manufacturing and supporting all types of Deere equipment."

The company already markets a wide range of products to the agricultural, forestry and construction sectors. With an extensive dealer network across the country for its agricultural and forestry products, the company also operates a manufacturing location in Orenburg that provides seeding and tillage equipment to the Russian market and exports to other locations.

Allen said the company plans to open an operations, training and parts center near Kaluga sometime in 2010.

Between now and spring 2010, the company anticipates investing in manufacturing facilities for John Deere tractors, construction, forestry and harvesting equipment.