John Deere Receives Gold and Silver Awards at 2013 AG CONNECT Expo

John Deere's Machine Sync is one of two Deere products to earn an AE50 award
John Deere's Machine Sync is one of two Deere products to earn an AE50 award

New winners of the 2013 AE50 Gold and Silver awards were recently presented at the AG CONNECT expo in Kansas City; among the 10 gold and silver award winners were two John Deere branded products. The Gold and Silver awards are distributed by the ASABE, AG CONNECT, and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) in an effort to honor the “best of the best” from among the AE50 award winners exhibiting at AG CONNECT.

John Deere’s Machine Sync took home a gold award, and the 7R Series Tractor earned silver, as each product exemplified “best of the best” qualities. According to the AG CONNECT website, Machine Sync was recognized for its ability to facilitate on-the-go unloading and in-network logistics, which adds more efficiency to harvesting. Using Machine Sync, operators have the ability to take control of the grain cart tractor to synchronize speed and lateral position while unloading on the go. Machine Sync’s in-network logistics also allow operators to see tank fill statuses for multiple combines.

The John Deere 7R Series Tractor received the silver award, with much thanks to its improvements in power density and productivity while reducing fuel consumption. The latest technologies in drivetrain lubrication and oil management also assist with fuel efficiency and productivity.

The John Deere Company continues to produce premium products across the board, spanning technology to machines. Accounting for 20 percent of the gold and silver awards at the 2013 AG CONNECT expo is just further proof of Deere’s success in the agricultural industry.