John Deere tractor provides muse for Pennsylvanian resident's invention

One man invents add-on to his John Deere riding tractor
One man invents add-on to his John Deere riding tractor
One Pennsylvanian resident has taken his lawn care hobby to heart by improving his John Deere tractor to adapt to his needs.

Inventor Bob Hoeveler has developed a vessel to attach to his John Deere tractor he rides that aids in picking up big debris as he mows his lawn.

Hoeveler has endured knee replacements that cause him trouble with his mobility. But at 80 years old, he now can continue to care for his acre of property without struggling to dismount his tractor.

Over the years, Hoeveler has been involved in sales throughout his career. Inventing the Tractor Holster has put his life-long skills to use. "I always see little things that need to be done in easier ways," he tells the news source.

John Deere tractors offer a variety of add-ons to meet the needs of lawn care enthusiasts, states the firm's website. For instance, the Sun Shade X300 and X500 series attachments provide relief from weather conditions in warmer climates. The 13 steel utility cart can be loaded with various materials to help in landscape projects.