John Deere's 48-row planter wows farmers

Dealers are taking orders for Deere's 48-row planter.
Dealers are taking orders for Deere's 48-row planter.
The world's largest farm equipment manufacturer, Deere & Company, has unveiled what could be the world's largest single piece of farm machinery - a 120-foot-wide spacing row planter.

Although the company has only made a handful so far, John Deere plans to fully market the DB120 planter in advance of the 2010 planting season, according to the Des Moines Register.

Mike Brelsford, who farms about 5,000 acres near Perry, Iowa, bought one of the giant 48-row-crop planters after seeing it at a demonstration this past spring.

"My old 36-row planter could do about 60 acres an hour, this one can do 85 acres an hour," Brelsford said, according to the Register.

John Deere said the planter is ideal for customers who need high levels of productivity from a single tractor and one planter set up.

"The DB120 sets an all-new standard in the large-frame planter market. When hitched to one of our 9030 Series tractors equipped with a GreenStar guidance system, you've got a row-crop planting solution that's 30 percent more productive than our 36-row, DB90 planter," said Rob Rippchen of John Deere Seeding.

John Deere dealers began taking orders for DB120 planters this summer.