Lawn mower safety tips: Don't allow young children near active mowers

Use safety equipment when mowing, physicians say.
Use safety equipment when mowing, physicians say.
For National Safety Month this June, physicians are asking homeowners to take some precautions when cutting the grass. The number of accidents and injuries caused by careless use of lawn mowers could be reduced by following some simple and easy safety tips, according to physicians' groups.

Lawn mowers have safety features built in, such as guards that cover the blades and protect against objects being kicked up when run over by the mower. These guards should never be removed.

Physicians advise that lawn mowers are like other types of power equipment and should not be used by young children under 12. Children should be of at least driving age, 16, before using a riding lawn mower.

Other advice from physicians includes avoiding having children as passengers on riding mowers and keeping children a safe distance away from the mower when it is running.

Even adults need to take certain safety measures to avoid injury. Anyone using a lawn mower should wear protective gear, including eye goggles, hearing protection such as earplugs and gloves.

To avoid fires caused by spilled gasoline, users should only refuel their mower outside, not in a garage. Refuel with the motor turned off and after it has cooled.