Load command system eases sprayer tank refill

The load command system allows more spraying.
The load command system allows more spraying.
John Deere is offering a new Load Command System that allows a self-propelled sprayer applicator to load a 1,200 gallon tank in about three minutes versus a traditional fill time of 12 to 15 minutes, what Deere calls a revolutionary new tendering system and an industry first.

The Load Command system simplifies the loading process and helps operators easily manage the heavy and bulky tendering hose during the refill process. Load time is greatly reduced, giving time to cover more acres per day, said Cory Venable, product manager for John Deere Des Moines Works.

Load Command enhances the three-season capabilities of the John Deere 4930 Sprayer. Operators can apply both wet and dry products year round, with one chassis. This equates to asset utilization that provides an optimum return on the custom applicator's investment.

With the Load Command system, an operator drives the sprayer up close to the tendering vehicle and exits the machine. A swing arm that holds the tendering hose is mounted to the tendering vehicle.

The operator extends the tendering arm and connects its coupler to the coupler that's mounted to the front of the 4930 Sprayer.

Once connected, sensors activate the loading process that allows the operator to return to the sprayer cab while the tank is being refilled.