Mulch, water and used tractor deck height can help lawn efforts

Mulch can help lawn plants retain moisture.
Mulch can help lawn plants retain moisture.
While proper implementation of a used tractor on a lawn can have effects on landscaping, there are other things people may want to consider doing in order to help their yard.

A column from Texas' Hays Free Press is encouraging homeowners to add mulch to their flowerbeds, trees and other plants in order to help them retain moisture during the difficult summer months. Along with that, the paper recommends that people give their vegetation solid watering.

Grass should also get deep watering, but on a five-day schedule. The paper also said that used tractors should have their decks higher, allowing the grass to stand tall.

"This will help shade the roots and conserve water," the Free Press said.

While watering can certainly help grass and plants, the time of day the homeowners elect to do it can also affect their efforts. Irrigating in the when the sun is at its peak could mean that some of the moisture is lost to evaporation.

Instead, people should consider watering their lawns and garden in the early morning hours when it's not as hot.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19921006-ADNFCR