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New attachments can give used tractors additional life in fall

Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn can provide an opportunity to help lawns with used tractors.
Autumn can provide an opportunity to help lawns with used tractors.

Fall and winter are coming, which may lead many consumers to get ready to put their used tractors away for the season.

However, a recent report from New York's The Daily News noted that experts at John Deere have said that innovations in tractor attachments can give homeowners the ability to continue doing some lawn maintenance during the cooler months.

For example, the paper said that fall is a good time to get one last application of fertilizer onto a lawn. To do so, people may consider buying an attachment that can be towed behind a used tractor and can spread fertilizer around.

"One final dose of fertilizer before the cold weather strikes is good for strengthening roots and increasing the nitrogen stored for an earlier spring green; while the top growth of the grass stops, all energy is reserved for the following season," the paper said.

Other projects people may consider include taking their used tractor out to mulch dry leaves or to develop a compost pile.

When people do finally decide to put their used tractors away, they should consider some final maintenance, including adding fuel stabilizers or getting an oil change.

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