New Jersey gardening class offers youths the chance to get beyond used tractors

Young people can give back through a gardening class in New Jersey.
Young people can give back through a gardening class in New Jersey.
While many of them may have used tractors to take care of their parents' lawns, students in New Jersey are going to get the chance to learn about gardening and help their community.

According to, Morris County's Master Gardener Program is taking applications for its class in September. The program allows students to get garden training and pay back the opportunity by assisting both the Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the county Park Commission with community outreach.

"A vital component of the program is the Master Gardener Helpline, staffed five days a week from April to October by volunteers who answer gardening questions over the phone," the website said.

The outreach also involves helping staff a table at a 4-H fair, along with working with young people and senior citizens.

Extension programs across the country may offer similar opportunities as they act as a resource for their respective counties. These agencies, which are administered by universities, act as a educational resource for members of their communities.

They also provide opportunities for young people to get more involved in agriculture and science.