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Old farm equipment parts find new life in metal sculptures

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some are using old pieces of farm equipment as the basis for art pieces.
Some are using old pieces of farm equipment as the basis for art pieces.

Though some may think that old pieces of farm equipment may not have any use anymore, others may see an opportunity for artistic expression in pieces that once worked the land.

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, a number of artists in Kansas have taken to filling the landscape with sculptures made from old pieces of scrap metal, including leftovers from pieces of farm equipment.

One of those is Frank Jensen, a 76-year-old former teacher who has a number of sculptures on a hill near Wichita.

"We're exhibitionists, I suppose," Jensen told the Journal.

The hobby, the Journal said, gives many former farmers an outlet for the tendency to be masters of a number of different crafts. Farmers often have to know how to do a number of different things well in order to make it in their business.

While some have taken to sculpting with old farm equipment parts, others may have tried to restore old tractors to their former glory. Farm festivals and parades across the country often feature these efforts with the intent of connecting current farming to its roots.

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