Opinions differ regarding getting rid of leaves

Not everyone agrees about what to do with fall leaves.
Not everyone agrees about what to do with fall leaves.
When it comes to taking care of fallen leaves, some people may have used tractors in order to deal with the problem.

However, the opinion on what to do with leaves on lawns comes as a mixed bag, which was noted by SouthtownStar columnist Guy Tridgell. Tridgell spoke to a number of experts, all of whom had different opinions on whether to get rid of falling leaves or let them be.

For example, Greg Stack, a horticulture educator with the University of Illinois Extension, said he doesn't bother getting rid of leaves on his lawn, saying the damage that could be caused to grass is taken out of proportion.

"There is no future in raking leaves," Stack told the SouthtownStar, which is a paper located in Illinois. "It is a big waste of time."

Others disagree with that opinion. For example, Cindy Baker, a manager at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, told the paper that leaves on a lawn could provide an environment for mold growth. Getting rid of the leaves also gives the grass better access to oxygen.

Tridgell noted that some people may have opted for a middle ground where they used lawn mowers in order to mulch the leaves. Doing so could provide lawns with extra nutrients.

Fall may be a good time to take care of other lawn issues, as the wet and cooler weather of the season is an ample time to get grass ready for spring. Some people may consider planting grass seeds in fall in order to give their lawns a head start.