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Producers in Canada donate in order to help people of Haiti after earthquake

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Canadian farmers are helping by donating to Haitian relief efforts.
Canadian farmers are helping by donating to Haitian relief efforts.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti died as the result of recent earthquakes, and many more remain homeless and in need of assistance.

As a result, those in Canada who might normally spend their time farming fields with farm equipment are putting their hands to the work of assisting the stricken people who live in the Caribbean country.

According to, farmers, rural communities and agricultural businesses across Canada have been giving donations in order to help the efforts of aid organizations.

"We believe that every effort, large and small, has the potential to alleviate some distress for the families and children who are now suffering the devastation of this natural disaster," Mayo Schmidt, CEO of ingredient producer Viterra, told the website.

Farmers aren't the only ones getting into the act when it comes to donations from the Great White North. A recent story from the CBC noted that the Canadian government is setting aside 50 million Canadian dollars ($46.78 million) in order to match amounts donated by its citizens.

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