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Senator expresses concern regarding new rules for farm equipment

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New road rules for farmers are a point of concern for a senator.
New road rules for farmers are a point of concern for a senator.

A Republican state senator from Pennsylvania recently expressed her concerns regarding new regulations that could affect farm equipment.

Lisa Baker, who represents the 20th District, told the state Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding that the new regulations would make it more difficult for producers to transport their equipment across roads. She raised her points after hearing concerns from farmers in her area.

She said that farmers are already having a difficult time with the way the economy is, and these added rules will make it even more so.

"We shouldn't implement these new rules until we look more carefully at the hardship they will impose," Baker said.

Among the regulations are requiring breaks, keeping logs and stopping people under 18 from operating farm equipment.

The new regulations come care of the federal government, which is requiring the changes. If the state does not implement new rules, it could stand to lose millions of dollars from Washington, which would be used for highway safety programs.

The new regulations are supposed to take effect after March 1.

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