Some Texas farmers plan on planting more cotton in 2010

Planters in Texas may plan on growing more cotton this year.
Planters in Texas may plan on growing more cotton this year.
A recent report indicates that some farmers in Texas plan on increasing the amount of cotton they plan on planting with farm equipment this year.

According to the Southwest Farm Press, farmers in the state are likely to either maintain levels of cotton planting or increase them, while also keeping an eye on the efficiency of their fields. Ryan Williams is one of those Texas farmers who plans on increasing his cotton crop while lowering the amount of corn he puts in the ground.

"We'll probably plant 1,000 more acres of cotton and 1,000 less acres of corn," Williams told the news organization. "Cotton looks like a better option than corn."

Williams said he also plans on planting wheat this year. Rotating between wheat and cotton helps him maintain water levels, an issue that is faced by producers in the state.

In 2009, many farmers in Texas faced water shortages, which affected the production of cotton. Nationally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently reported that cotton production was down 3 percent in 2009.