South Carolina vandals strike farm equipment

Vandals damaged a half-million dollars worth of equipment.
Vandals damaged a half-million dollars worth of equipment.
A farmer in Clarendon County, South Carolina has reported that vandals damaged farm equipment worth up to $500,000 sometime last Friday night.

Workers at Scott Jackson Farms near Manning, S.C. discovered vandalized equipment and crops Saturday morning, according to

Law enforcement officials said the vandals, possibly area teenagers, drove tractors and a combine into farm buildings, damaging the equipment and the buildings.

"We've had a lot of vandalism over the years but nothing at this scale, this scope. It's just meaningless, it makes no sense whatsoever," said county sheriff Randy Garrett, according to the news website.

Farmer Scott Jackson, whose family has farmed the property for 50 years, said he had planned to use the damaged combine this week to harvest his wheat crop.

Jackson said neighbors have offered to help with the crops. But, the cost of repairs needed will be a major financial burden.

"We make a living on this dirt, on this soil out here," Jackson said. "That's it. Whatever we produce here is what keeps the whole family going."