Students Attend 2013 Agriculture Outlook Forum to Expand Knowledge

30 students attended the 2013 USDA Ag Outlook Forum to hear from Ag industry leaders
30 students attended the 2013 USDA Ag Outlook Forum to hear from Ag industry leaders

To underscore the importance of youth’s involvement in agriculture, 30 students were invited to attend the 2013 USDA Agriculture Outlook Forum, thanks to award-winning essays. According to a recent press release from the USDA, the event afforded students the opportunity to hear from leading government and industry voices about how they could impact the future of farming and agriculture.

The 2013 USDA Ag Outlook Forum, “Managing Risk in the 21st Century,” was held from February 21-22 and featured a number of industry experts, headlined by keynote speaker Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture. With the students in attendance, Vilsack recognized the importance of young farmers and those that could potentially have an impact on the future of farming. "In the years ahead,” he said, “a new generation of food and agricultural professionals will play a key role in solving the major challenges before us.”

Other speakers that presented at the Forum included a welcome from Kathleen Merrigan (Deputy Secretary of Agriculture), an “Agricultural Economic Outlook” presented by Joseph Glauber (Chief Economist), and “Plowing Ahead: Farming, Food Security and the Future” presented by Thomas A. Daschle, former senator and current Senior Policy Advisor of DLA Piper.

The forum presented a focus on managing risk in agriculture in the 21st century as well as projections and challenges that could face the farming and agriculture industry in the coming years. The students in attendance had the opportunity to absorb information from industry leaders and experts about how they could excel in agriculture-related fields in the future.

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