Tennessee dairy reports theft of farm equipment

Farm equipment worth $100,000 reported stolen.
Farm equipment worth $100,000 reported stolen.
An Englewood, Tennessee dairy farmer reported to police that someone has stolen $100,000 worth of farm equipment.

Roger Robertson of Robertson Dairy farm told police that thieves had taken a 2006 John Deere Model 6420 tractor valued at around $80,000 and a 2007 John Deere front-end loader model 673, valued at around $13,000, according to the Daily Post Athenian.

Robertson also reported that three monitors for hay baling and raking equipment valued at around $2,500 to $2,800 were taken.

The farmer told police that the theft occurred between May 8 and May 13. Someone had taken a four-wheel drive tractor and the equipment attached to it from his barn.

The tractor was filed as stolen with the National Crime Information Center.

According to the National Equipment Register (NER), equipment owners should avoid leaving equipment on a trailer unattended. If this is unavoidable, consider unloading the unit and securing it to the trailer's hitch.

Farmers should also make sure to keep records of their equipment's ID numbers and log them with an equipment register. Etching a unit's PIN or other serial numbers in at least two places on the equipment can also aid in recovering stolen equipment, NER said.