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The proper way to keep lawns mowed

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To keep lawns well maintained, there are tips to follow when mowing.
To keep lawns well maintained, there are tips to follow when mowing.

People may buy tractors for sale, but that doesn't mean they have the know-how when it comes to using them.

For those who may wonder how often they should mow their lawn, Better Homes and Gardens has suggested that lawn owners should follow the "one-third rule."

"Mow often enough to avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass height at one time," the magazine's website noted. "For example, if you set your mower at 2 inches, don't let the grass get taller than 3 inches before mowing."

Though many homeowners may stick to mowing their grass once a week, the magazine noted that such an interval may not be enough during the spring months, when grass is more likely to grow quickly. People caring for their lawns may find they need to mow four or five times a week.

However, with the summer months coming to an end, it may be time for homeowners to consider how to keep their lawns green over the winter. A recent article from Mississippi's Daily Leader newspaper noted than homeowners may consider overseeding their lawns with rye grass, which is a grass that grows in colder temperatures.

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