There are methods for making sure holiday plants last through the winter

People should make sure their holiday plants get plenty of sun.
People should make sure their holiday plants get plenty of sun.
Caring for plants is not limited to those who have used lawn mowers during the summer to take care of their grass.

In fact, the winter season offers the opportunity to do some gardening inside a home. Though the holidays are coming to a close, plants associated with them live on, leaving some to wonder about the best ways to care for them.

A recent article in Virginia's Lynchburg News Advance gave some tips on caring for indoor holiday plants. For example, Poinsettias should be near a window and should not get too much water.

"Be sure to water before your poinsettia gets seriously wilted or its leaves will turn yellow and fall to the floor," the story from the News Advance said.

Some households may also have a Christmas cactus, which the paper noted could be passed down because of how long the plant can live. Like its spiny relatives, Christmas cacti require a lot of light.

Having cared for indoor plants, people who own homes may also consider some additional lawn care techniques during the winter months. For example, some may consider putting down additional grass seeds to get a head start on next spring.