Used tractor can help whole lawn, not just grass

How a person takes care of their yard can affect trees.
How a person takes care of their yard can affect trees.
Most of the time people may not consider that how they handle their lawns with their used tractor can also help other parts of their landscaping.

For example, soil wetness can be affected by how tall a lawn is, which can help woody plants and trees. According to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, this may be especially true for trees and plants that were recently planted or moved.

By allowing grass to stand around 3 inches can help root systems grow and keep water in the soil. As a result, newer trees, which may need more water, will assist in their growth.

"Trees, shrubs and perennials transplanted this spring have roots with limited capacity to survive the higher temperatures and lower rainfalls typical of July and August," the Iowa newspaper said.

In order to properly set a lawnmower's height, owners should park their machines on level ground, such as a driveway or side walk. And, while mowing a lawn, people may consider leaving their clippings on the grass, which can further help shade the roots.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19909517-ADNFCR