Used tractor can mulch leaves to help grass

Leaves can be turned into mulch with a used tractor.
Leaves can be turned into mulch with a used tractor.
As summer comes to an end, many people who have used tractors may think that their jobs are done for the year.

However, a recent report from New York's The Citizen newspaper noted that the fall and winter still give people a chance to make sure their lawns are in good order. Amy Barra, an educator at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County, said that autumn's fallen leaves can prove to be a helpful addition, if treated properly.

"People can run the lawn mower over a pile of leaves a few times," Barra told the paper. "This makes a really good mulch they can use."

During the winter, Barra said lawn owners should be mindful of the amount of salt they use to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear of ice. Too many applications may lead to buildup in the soil, which can damage grass.

Given the heat some of the country has experienced through the summer, fall may be miles away in their minds. Those who are dealing with drought-like conditions may consider watering their grass earlier in the morning to give the soil a chance to absorb moisture before it is evaporated by the sun.