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Used tractors can help make mulch for tree application

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Applying mulch to trees in the fall can help their root systems.
Applying mulch to trees in the fall can help their root systems.

Fall is turning to winter in a number of areas in the country, although there are a still few ways to keep used tractors going before the snow sets in.

For example, the Tree Care Industry Association notes the autumn presents property owners with a chance to provide their trees with some additional care. Applying mulch around a tree can help reduce weeds and give root systems a better chance to grow.

"Trees with mulched root zones are usually larger, more vigorous, develop faster and have higher rates of survival than plants surrounded by turf grass or bare dirt," said Tchukki Anderson, the TCIA's staff arborist.

The organization said mulch should be applied in an area that extends three feet from the trunk. However, it shouldn't rest right against the tree, as this could cause rot.

Consumers may be able to create their own compost and mulch with a used tractor. Fall's leaves are a good source of nutrients, and mowing over them will aid in the decomposition process. Doing so can also help keep lawns healthier.

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