Valuable assistance emerges for finding Deere machinery

Individuals hunting for John Deere machinery have a new resource that is a treasure trove.
Individuals hunting for John Deere machinery have a new resource that is a treasure trove.
Individuals looking for assistance purchasing used John Deere construction and forestry equipment have a new source at their disposal to aid locating the utensils they need.

MachineFinder is recognized as an organized resource to peruse used equipment that is available for purchase online from dealers of John Deere equipment. The URL for this resource is and it hosts equipment for construction, forestry, farming and agriculture.

"Users have told us they want to view more machines in an easier-to-navigate environment," according to Graham Hinch, equipment remarketing manager for John Deere Construction & Forestry. "John Deere is our response. It has the customized search options equipment buyers need to navigate more inventory from more dealers."

In addition to searching for equipment, customers also can search specific dealers and establish contact with the dealer.

Customers also can customize their online experience by capitalizing on the "My Machinefinder" function, which retains users' search data, distributes specifically aimed wanted posts to various bulletin boards, and works to more quickly locate the equipment users are pursuing.

Users also can enhance their searches with assistance from Google, My Yahoo, XML or RSS feeds.

ADTs are among the John Deere equipment users can search for on Machine Finder. Three models come in sizes of 30 tons or less while two models are in excess of 30 tons.

"You can't stop these six-wheel-drive trucks, and the operators love 'em," according to Fred Ianotti, who works in purchasing at S.W. Rodgers. He works with the 250D, a sub-30 ton model.

Three categories of John Deere backhoe loaders are available. The first category has a digging range of less than 14 feet, the second encompasses five models with a range of 14 feet to 15 feet, and the third category comprises four models with a range of more than 15 feet.

"One of the great things about the 410J is it was designed in part by customers," according to Attila Varga of Varko Excavating in Calgary, Alberta. His model digs deeper than 15 feet.

John Deere manufactures five models of compact track loaders. The company sells 11 models of crawler dozers. Three are less than 105 horsepower, four are between 105 and 200 horsepower and four are more than 200 horsepower.

Richard Salcido, plant foreman for Cargill, said he took a trip to John Deere proving grounds in Arizona and was enormously pleased with the crawler dozer his firm purchased.

"We tested John Deere 850, 950 and 1050C Crawlers, and ended up buying the 950C," Salcido said. "It's a great machine to work and maintain."

Three models of crawler loaders are available. One is less than 105 horsepower, one's between 105 and 130 horsepower, and one is more than 130 horsepower.

John Deere's excavator line is very large. Five weigh six metric tons or less. Twelve weigh from six to 40 metric tons. Three weigh from 40 to 85 metric tons.

"The compact size of the 17D ZTS makes it easy to transport and fit into tight areas," according to Baljinder Sekhon, a Washington Gas crew leader in the nation's capital. "Its rubber tracks lets them run anywhere without worrying about tearing up the sidewalk."

Six models of motor graders are available. Two apiece weigh 42,700 lbs, 43,200 lbs and 45,100 lbs.

Deere manufactures three scraper tractors, 425 horsepower, 475 horsepower and 530 horsepower.

Deere manufactures seven skid steer loaders. Two are less than 50 horsepower, two are between 50 and 70 horsepower, and three are more than 70 horsepower. The owner of a 50 to 70 horsepower skid steer is very pleased with how his company's functions.

"Margins are thin, so we need versatile, reliable equipment," according to Brad Huston, president of R.G. Huston in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.

We use John Deere light equipment because it is the most productive, yet costs the least to run and maintain."