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Virginia county supervisor suggests farm equipment tax

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A county supervisor has suggested a tax on farm equipment in Virginia.
A county supervisor has suggested a tax on farm equipment in Virginia.

Governments may consider a variety of ways to create revenue, including charging additional taxes for farm equipment.

According to, a supervisor in Virginia's Pittsylvania County recommended taxing farm equipment and requiring that abandoned vehicles get a special sticker from the county. Marshall Ecker said that the car stickers alone could create an additional $50,000 in revenue.

However, the site said that other supervisors don't see the measure as a popular one, especially when it comes to taxing farm equipment.

"I wanted to bring the idea up to see if it was viable," the site quoted Ecker as saying. "If there's a lot of opposition, I'll listen to what the people say."

One person opposed to the idea was Tommy Motley, president of the county's farm bureau. He said that now was not the time to add a tax on farm machinery, especially with the economy facing difficulties.

Although urban areas may be feeling some relief as the country's financial position improves, rural areas are not doing as well. A recent report from Creighton University showed that economic expansion still remains below growth-neutral in some rural parts of the country.

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