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Wait for new grass to grow before making a pass with a used tractor

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New grass should be given some time before it's mowed with a used tractor.
New grass should be given some time before it's mowed with a used tractor.

While mowing with a used tractor can lead to a cleaner-looking lawn, owners should be careful not to jeopardize new growth when doing so.

In a recent piece for Connecticut's The Bristol Press, Pamm Cooper noted that fall is a good time to get grass seed down in New England. Lower temperatures can encourage the seeds to germinate while also presenting less competition from weeds.

However, people should let the new grass grow to at least 3.5 inches in height before giving it that first go-around with a used tractor.

An alternative to grass seed people may consider is using sod, which will take roughly three weeks to be in a condition for mowing.

"Most available sod is Kentucky bluegrass, and will need regular fertilizing and watering to maintain an acceptable turf stand that will resist weed invasion and drought conditions," Cooper, a turf expert at the University of Connecticut, wrote.

Seeding this time of year can help the grass have a head start for the next growing season in spring. When that time does arrive, people are encouraged to give lawns plenty of water to help mitigate drought-like conditions that may appear in the summer.

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