Washington teen uses Legos to create agricultural equipment

A teen in the Pacific Northwest uses Legos to build farm equipment.
A teen in the Pacific Northwest uses Legos to build farm equipment.
Farm equipment can come in all shapes and sizes, and one 16-year-old from Washington is snapping together his own pieces of plastic machinery.

According to KNDO, a television station in the state, Warren Seely has been working on building pieces of agricultural equipment from Lego building blocks for the last 3 years. Recently, some of his work was featured in the state's potato convention.

Seely said many people ask him how long it takes to create one of his building block pieces of agricultural equipment. He told KNDO that the time involved can vary.

"A single piece can take anywhere from four to 25 hours depending on how familiar I am with it and how many moving parts it has," Seely said.

One of Seely's newest pieces is a 15-foot-long irrigation machine that took him 20 hours to put together. Though the young man has received offers to work for farm equipment companies, Seely said his goal is to go to school at the University of Washington first.

Seely isn't alone when it comes to an interest in toys related to agricultural equipment. For example, last November saw the Farm Toy Show in Maryland, which was put on by the Tri-State Farm Toy Collector Club. The show featured about 35 farm toy vendors.