Watering as important as how one has used tractor on lawn

Watering properly can lead to a better lawn.
Watering properly can lead to a better lawn.
While the strategies employed with used tractors can have an effect on the quality of a lawn, so can the amount of watering it receives.

However, the summer months may not be kind to grass and plants, as the sun's heat leads to soil losing its moisture. However, a recent report from California's Eureka Times Standard did give some tips that may help avoid a brown lawn or dead garden.

One bit of advice the paper gave was for landowners to water deeply because it encourages plants to grow their roots deep into the ground.

"This creates greater tolerance to dry spells," the paper said. "Frequent light overhead sprinkling is a waste of water and time."

Another option people may consider is using mulch around trees, shrubs and plants. Doing so can help keep moisture in the ground. Homeowners may also consider using straw to cover the soil in a vegetable garden, as it is inexpensive.

Reduced levels of precipitation can lead to homeowners not being able to water their lawns due to restrictions imposed by municipalities. As a result, having strong plants is that much more important.