Workers, construction equipment speed up to avoid snow storm in Colorado

A project for new rail lines in Colorado was rushed due to bad weather.
A project for new rail lines in Colorado was rushed due to bad weather.
Construction equipment motored quickly in order to help forward building the construction of a light-rail system in Colorado.

According to Denver's ABC 7 news, the recent threat of wintery weather cause workers and construction equipment to ramp up in order to complete tasks on FasTracks rail system, which will run under Interstate 70. Kathy Berumen, who is a spokeswoman for the project, said that though crews did not have a chance to put stripes down on the highway, most of the work was completed.

"But anticipating all this weather that was coming in, our crews ramped up last night. We were able to finish 17 hours ahead of schedule, so we're out of the area and traffic should be able to move smoothly," Berumen told the television station.

The project is currently on schedule and is slated to be open for use by 2013. The new FastTracks line would run from the Auraria campus to the Jefferson County Government Center.

Recently, the Regional Transportation District announced it received the first of 55 new rail vehicles for the FasTracks rail system. The RTD bought the new vehicles as a cost-savings measure, and they will be gradually integrated into the system.