New John Deere T6 800 Combine Designed to Improve Harvesting Performance

The John Deere T6 800 combine features the latest precision ag technology and is designed to cover acres more comfortably.
The John Deere T6 800 combine features the latest precision ag technology and is designed to cover acres more comfortably.

John Deere recently revealed the T6 800 Combine, a groundbreaking addition to their lineup of agricultural machinery. This advanced combine is engineered to boost harvesting efficiency and productivity while ensuring maximum operator comfort. Featuring a sleek, modern design and cutting-edge technology, the John Deere T6 800 Combine is set to revolutionize the harvesting process.

Advanced Harvesting Technology

The John Deere T6 800 Combine features a powerful new 9.0L engine that delivers increased power and torque. The engine is equipped with an L40 control system that improves fuel dosing and reduces fuel usage, making it more efficient and easier to service. The combine also boasts a 23% larger grain tank and a 20% faster unloading rate compared to previous models, significantly boosting harvesting productivity.

Enhanced Operator Comfort

Comfort is paramount in the T6 800 Combine. It includes the same spacious cab found in the X9 model, providing greater visibility and comfort. The cab comes with the G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, which offers a 35% larger screen and faster processing power. This display enhances the operator's ability to control and monitor the combine's performance.

Integrated Technology for Efficiency

John Deere integrates several smart technologies in the T6 800 Combine to ensure peak performance. The Ground Speed Automation system dynamically controls the ground speed based on various inputs, maintaining a consistent feed rate. The combine's Terrain Adjustment feature automatically adjusts the fan speed, chaffer, and sieve openings based on the terrain, ensuring optimal cleaning shoe performance on varied landscapes.

Superior Residue Management

Residue management is a key aspect of the T6 800 Combine. It includes a new 4-row chopper that improves straw distribution. The Remote Knife Adjustment allows for on-the-go adjustments from the cab, providing better control over residue management. The adjustable auger spout and multiple auger length options make it easier to fill carts or trailers efficiently, reducing grain spillage.

A New Benchmark

The John Deere T6 800 Combine is a powerful and efficient machine designed to meet the demands of modern farming. With its advanced technology, enhanced comfort, and superior performance, the T6 800 Combine sets a new benchmark in the agricultural industry.

For more information about the T6 800 Combine, visit John Deere's website or contact your local John Deere dealer.