What Are Some Common Construction Equipment Accessories and Attachments?

Construction Equipment Accessories & Attachments

There are many different types of construction attachments that can help to improve the efficiency of your projects. Let’s take a look at some of these attachments and their benefits.

  • Sweepers: Mechanical broom sweepers are ideal for multiple purposes. Sweepers can help to remove that packed-down dirt and debris found on construction sites, off-load debris into a dump truck, and prevent excessive dust that pollutes the air.
  • Buckets: Construction buckets offer low backplates for improved operator visibility as well as a rounded interior for better fill-and-dump performance.
  • Couplers: Couplers typically allow more rapid change of buckets and attachments on machines. This gets rid of the use of hammers to drive out and insert the mounting pins for attachments manually.
  • Forks: Forks are often used to lift heavy pallets or shipping containers, helping to streamline processes on construction sites.
  • Grapples: A grapple is an attachment that can be mounted to a tractor or excavator. Typically, it is used on a tractor with a movable arm so that it may lift, extend/retract, and move from side to side. Some machines have a separate control to rotate the grapple.
  • Hammers / Breakers: A breaker is a type of percussion hammer which is fitted to an excavator and used to demolish concrete structures or rocks. It is typically powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system, which is also fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

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