$30 Billion in USDA Rural Development Investments Empower Rural U.S.

Rural America empowered by $30 billion in investments
Rural America empowered by $30 billion in investments

The USDA recently released the report for the Rural Development program’s 2012 fiscal year, which revealed investments of more than $30 billion used to strengthen rural American communities. According to the USDA, these investments are empowering rural Americans to achieve sustainable economic prosperity.

The USDA reports these financial investments were used as grants to create affordable housing, help businesses and cooperatives create jobs, build rural economies, and increase the quality of life in rural areas. Some of the 2012 USDA Rural Development program achievements included helping 7,940 low-income families obtain safe, affordable housing; improving the enterprise of 9,700 small business owners; and funding programs that saved and/or created 53,000 rural jobs. A news release from the USDA cites President Obama’s agriculture plans as a contributing factor to such historic investment and success in rural America.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said "President Obama's plan for rural America has brought about historic investment in rural communities that have made them stronger. Thanks to our loan, grant, and technical assistance programs, USDA Rural Development is helping residents and rural enterprises thrive, and we are laying a strong foundation for rural America's future." Vislick claimed that by improving the economic stability in rural communities, the USDA Rural Development program is strengthening the “backbone” of America.

The USDA’s fiscal progress report shows perpetual growth and improvement in the agricultural hubs of the U.S. in the realms of both economic success and the quality of life. Programs offered through the USDA Rural Development are expected to further expand in 2013 and continue assisting with the prosperity of rural America.